Making Great Readers!

Are you looking for a reading process that works?

Making Great Readers is a synthetic phonics process with a kinesthetic component that emphasizes phonemic awareness. Learn how to break away from traditional reading techniques and provide what is needed to develop reading for the young learner!

Making Great Readers is a phonological process that makes the sound of the letter more important that the letter name, creating the process of "See the Sound - think the Letter."

Making Great Readers has been used in middle school Exceptional Students' classes, English as a Second Language classes, and other settings with great success. We hope you will read the information on this site and contact us with any questions.

The Making Great Readers process consists of four components:

The Sound Cards
Four sets of cards the give sound-letter connections needed for independent reading
Seeing Sounds in Text
Time for children to practice using their sounds in grade level appropriate texts
Model Writing
Demonstrating actual transfer of sound-letter knowledge to the writing practice
Independent Writing
A time to practice writing what was seen during model writing.

The Picture Sound Cards (PSC) introduce 35 sounds (32 of them phonemes) using a corresponding signal. This enables the student to make an auditory connection with a kinesthetic movement.

The Sound-Letter Connection Cards (SLCC) provides the letter shapes with the 35 sounds. This set of cards has large letters and a small cue so reading can begin without knowing the actual name of the letter.

The Letter Practice Cards (LPC) have the lower case letter on each card. In addition, the typewriter /g/, /a/, and the /h/ diagraphs (/ch/, /sh/, /th/, and /wh/) are included. This set of cards allow the learner to practice the sounds without the picture cue so they can become fluent at seeing the sound.

The Combination Sound and Vowel Diagraph Cards (CSVDC) are developed for the student to see and make all of the sounds needed to become readers.

The Sound Cards

Learn how to implement four sets of cards that provide the young learner with the ability to use 44 phonemes and many combinations needed for independent reading.
Picture Sound Cards (PSC)

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Sound-Letter Connection Cards (SLCC)

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Letter Practice Cards (LPC)

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Combination Sound and Vowel Diagraph Cards (CSVDC)